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Snapchat’s Butterflies Lens: A Complete Guide to Unlocking the Magic

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Are you ready to flutter into a world of enchantment? Look no further than Snapchat’s Butterflies Lens! This whimsical and magical lens has taken the app by storm, but don’t worry if you haven’t quite figured it out yet. We’ve got you covered with our complete guide to unlocking all the tricks and tips for using this delightful filter. Get ready to spread your wings and let your creativity soar as we explore all the ways to make the most of Snapchat’s Butterflies Lens.

What is Snapchat’s Butterflies Lens?

Snapchat’s Butterflies Lens is a special filter that was first introduced in the app back in April of 2017. The filter changes the app into something that looks like a beautiful garden with butterflies flitting around everywhere.

To use the filter, open Snapchat and hit the three dots in the top right corner of your screen. From there, select “Lenses.” Once you’re on the Lenses page, tap on the “Butterflies” option and start snapping!

How to Access the Butterfly Lens

To get started with the Butterflies Lens, you’ll first need to open Snapchat and sign in. Once you’re logged in, head to your Profile and select the “Butterflies” filter. You’ll then be able to choose between a few different filters, including the Butterfly Lens.

To activate the lens, just point your camera at something interesting and press and hold on the screen. As soon as you release the button, the lens will start to zoom in on what you’re looking at. To stop zooming, just tap anywhere on the screen or press and hold again.

Once you’ve activated the lens, all you have to do is keep pointing your camera at whatever you want to capture and let go of the button when you’re done. The app will automatically save the photo for later viewing.

How to Use the Butterflies Lens

If you’re like most Snapchatters, you use the app to capture and share your favorite moments with friends. But did you know that there’s an entire world of Snapchat content waiting just beyond the filter options?

The Butterflies Lens is one of Snapchat’s recent additions and it’s quickly becoming a popular way to capture unique and quirky images. Here we’ll show you how to unlock the lens’s full potential, so you can create some truly unique photos.

1. Open the butterflies lens by tapping on the three lines in the top right corner of your screen.

2. Select a filter from the list on the left and use it to transform your image.

3. Once you’ve finished editing, tap on the “share” button in the bottom right corner of the screen to send your photo off to your friends!

Tips for Taking Better Pictures with the Butterfly Lens

1. Use a tripod to stabilize your camera and keep your shots smooth.

2. Shoot in RAW format to get the most detail from your photos.

3. Keep your subject close to the lens to get a flattering perspective.

4. Use a bright light to accentuate features in your subject’s hair or clothing.

5. Experiment with different shutter speeds and aperture settings to capture the perfect photo.

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