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Car loans in Estonia

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Kiirautolaen.ee began its journey in 1997 with the establishment of Invest In OÜ, previously known as DreamLine Co OÜ. In 2010, the company became one of the pioneers in Estonia by offering car loans, focusing on providing straightforward and rapid loan solutions. The company can finalize a loan agreement in just 30 minutes, reflecting its commitment to speed and efficiency.

The mission of Kiirautolaen.ee is to deliver reliable financial services, ensuring a secure future for all clients. The company’s goal is to maintain a customer-focused approach and swift processing times, distinguishing itself in the industry.

Kiirautolaen.ee provides a variety of financial services to meet diverse needs:

  • Car Loans: Loans using vehicles as collateral.
  • Financing: Customized financial solutions.
  • Refinancing: Options to refinance existing loans.
  • Car Leasing: Flexible leasing arrangements for vehicles.
  • Real Estate Secured Loans: Loans secured by real estate properties.

Car Loans Details

Unexpected financial needs can arise at any time, whether for an exciting new project, settling debts, making a discovery, or finding the perfect gift. Kiirautolaen.ee offers assistance by providing car loans where the vehicle serves as collateral. Besides cars, the company also accepts other types of vehicles, including buses, yachts, and boats. The loan amount can be up to 90% of the vehicle’s market value.


  1. Contact: Vehicle owners can call Company for assistance.
  2. Quick Processing: Loan agreements are processed in just 30 minutes.
  3. Immediate Transfer: The loan amount is transferred directly to the bank account.
  4. Vehicle Retention: Clients retain possession of their vehicles.

Kiirautolaen.ee respects and supports clients’ financial needs, offering quick and reliable solutions tailored to specific situations.

For more details, visit kiirautolaen.ee

Attention! It is a financial service. Before using the service, read the terms and conditions and, if necessary, consult an expert. For example, if the loan amount is 1,000 euros, the loan repayment term is an annuity for 1 year with a fixed interest rate of 36% per year, then the monthly payment is 100.46 euros, the interest rate is 42.6% per year and the total amount to be repaid after 1 year is 1,205.52 euros.

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